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Wonder Robot  D is a lighthearted RPG inspired by classic Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire II and the Mario RPG series. With an artstyle inspired by Osamu Tezuka's Astroboy manga.

  • Explore and collect items to boost Robot's repertoir of skills

  • Customise Robot's abilities items equipped.

  • Strategize and adapt your skillset to overcome the enemies

Navigating the game world is also part of the challenge. Use rubber plants to catapult across gaps! Escape from gigantic creatures! Swing giant turtles by their tail!


Wonder Robot D is now available for Free! It contains:

  • Thrilling three act story with 3-5 hours of content
  • Classic RPG style side view battle system
  • Two challenging bonus dungeons

Help Make Wonder Robot D better!

I plan on doing some updates to Wonder Robot D over the coming months. I would love to hear both what people liked about Wonder Robot D and didn’t so I can make it and any future games better.


Wonder Robot D - v1.01.zip 156 MB

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Azzie, i LOVED your game. I rated the game too.
My question is: When do you release the full game? Also, Robot have some partners in-battle?
Edit: I played the demo and didn't read about the full game, sorry ^^'

Hi Yamihoon,

I'm glad you liked the demo, thanks for the rating. Yep the full game is out now.

Robot is the only playable character. But adding some of the other characters as partners during battles at certain points is something I've be thinking about for future versions.

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Hey Everyone!

I've released version 1.01 of the demo with some extra easter themed content, including a new area hidden in Mint Woods, new Items and two easter themed enemies!

As always feedback will be appreciated. I'll take it into account when updating the demo or even for the final release

Hi there! I'm Azzie from the UK, developer of Wonder Robot D.

Wonder Robot D is a solo project being developed in RPGMaker MV. I've been developing this game in my free time since April 2018.

I hope you enjoy Wonder Robot D's demo. I'm always looking to improve so feedback will be appreciated.